It is well recognised that heatwaves, heavy rains, and dry spells are worsening due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. However, these emissions have other consequences that are less obvious now but may emerge as significant problems in the future. For example, acidification due to rising carbon dioxide levels, warming, and deoxygenation are altering the world’s oceans. These changes could eventually pose severe problems for ocean ecosystems and human societies. The aim of this project is to learn from past warm greenhouse climates to improve our climate modelling capacity, in order to reliably predict and explain the loss of oxygen in our oceans.


To use Earth’s history and climate models to better understand and predict future changes.

Student background

  • A background in oceanography, physics, fluid dynamics, or maths 
  • Some familiarity in, or a willingness to learn, Fortran, Python, Matlab or similar programming language

Student benefits

  • Learning to run and analyse the output of climate models
  • Enhancing data analysis skills
  • Eligibility to apply for ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes honours scholarship

Supervisor: Dr David Hutchinson and Katrin Meissner

Get involved

For more information please contact Dr David Hutchinson