Ms Ada Choi
Casual Academic

Ms Ada Choi

Business School
School of Marketing

Ada is a PhD student in the School of Marketing, under the supervision of S.H.A.R.P. Research Professor Harald van Heerde. Ada holds MComm (High Distinction) from the University of Sydney. She also spent time as an exchange student at Korea University, South Korea and Zhejiang University, China.

Ada previously worked for more than 5 years in the higher education industry. Her responsibilities included university governance, student recruitment and marketing, event planning and management, and peer and academic tutoring. At the University of Sydney, she served as a member of the University Academy Quality Committee, Graduate Advisory Student Committee and Sydney Postgraduate Student Representative Association. She is also an accredited teacher in New South Wales and Queensland, and previously held management roles in the entertainment industry and e-commerce industry.

Ada has received various awards and scholarships during both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Her PhD is funded by UNSW Full Tuition Scholarship and UNSW Business School Supplementary Scholarship. She also received fundings, awards and scholarships from the Australian Government, the Macao SAR Government, the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland, Zhejiang University, Korea University, and the Queensland University of Technology. She is currently an official International Student Ambassador of the City of Sydney, Australia.

School of Marketing, Room 3045, Level 3, Quadrangle Building (E15), UNSW Sydney 2052

  • 2021 USYD Co-curricular Grants

  • 2022 UNSW Full Tuition PhD Scholarship 
  • 2022 UNSW Business School Scholarship
  • 2021 USYD Facultative Fund
  • 2021 USYD Vice-Chancellor Global Mobility Scholarship
  • 2021 Zhejiang University Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • 2020 USYD Business School International Scholarship
  • 2020 Macao SAR Government-Sponsored Academic Scholarship
  • 2019 Education of Department, Queensland Government Full Scholarship
  • 2016 Korea University Full Exchange Tuition Scholarship

The University of New South Wales

  • MARK3081 Distribution Strategy & Retail Channels

The University of Sydney

  • QBUS5001 Quantitative Methods in Business
  • MKTG6998 Social Media Analysis
  • Maths in Business Program