Ms Adriana Sanchez Gomez
Casual Academic

Ms Adriana Sanchez Gomez

  • MSc Sustainable Resource Management from Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany
  • BChem from Simon Bolival University, Caracas, Venezuela
Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment

With over 10 years of international industry and research experience, Adriana is currently an Environment Officer at NSW Roads and Maritime Services and part-time PhD student at UNSW Built Environment Faculty. Adriana's teaching experience focuses on climate change, sustainability and resilience policy, smart and sustainable cities, environment project management and environmental planning. Her PhD focuses on how can long-term metropolitan scale resilience policy be developed and delivered in practice. Her past research has focused on how to deliver benefits to the indutry through public procurement, integrated project delivery and information technologies as well as translating policy into action. Adriana has edited three commercial books and authored a number of peer-reviewed academic papers as well as industry-focused articles. She is also one of the coordinators of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) Task Group 90: Information Integration in Construction (IICON).

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