Dr Alain Balaguer Mercado

Dr Alain Balaguer Mercado

Administrative Officer
Business School

Alain holds a PhD from UNSW Business School. His thesis explored managerial decisions in supply chains. His research has a strong relevance to the transition towards a circular economy, as it delves into topics such as fair pricing in international trade and the selection of environmentally friendly suppliers. Additionally, he possesses a Masters in Sustainability Science and Technology, from BarcelonaTech and a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from UNAM. This training has provided him with a specialised understanding of Industrial Ecology and its impact on business competitiveness, both of which are fundamental aspects of the Circular Economy.

Throughout his academic journey, he actively participated in two research projects, resulting in co-authorship opportunities. The first project, focused on assessing the financial performance of family businesses, earned him the prestigious "Arturo-Díaz Alonso Research Prize" in Finance at the International Conference of Accounting, Management, and Information Technologies. The second project analysed the effects of respiratory health in rural areas of Bangladesh and was featured at the IEMs 2016 Conference held in Toulouse, France.

He has contributed to an additional eight research projects spanning various fields, including socio-environmental and industry-related areas, with a primary goal of assisting businesses and communities. Notably, he successfully coordinated a research endeavour involving two professors and a prominent 2,000-employee company while conducting research at the esteemed Autonomous Technological Institute of México (ITAM), one of Mexico's top universities.

In terms of industry experience, he has accumulated three years of expertise in industry, during which he conducted over 20 diagnostics for medium and large enterprises. These diagnostics identified the alignment between the the operations of the businesses and the strategic directives. Through his work, he managed to enhance the depth and impact of the diagnostic information, ultimately maximising value for their clients. His proficiency in this field led to frequent invitations to deliver lectures and presentations to high-ranking officers of major Mexican enterprises, as well as MBA classes.

  • Journal articles | 2023
    Balaguer-Mercado A; Kirshner SN; Tseng CL, 2023, 'Sustainable Supplier Selection under Financial Hardships: The Conflicting Impact of Spatial and Temporal Psychological Distances', Sustainability (Switzerland), 15, http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/su15129561