Ms Alyssa Rothwell

Ms Alyssa Rothwell


Master of Art, College of Fine Art, University of NSW. 1992-1994.Graduate Diploma in Animation and Interactive Media,Royal Institute of Technology, 1996.Bachelor of Performing Arts, University of Western Sydney, 1987-1991.Bachelor of Education, Armidale College of Advanced Education, 1982 -1984.

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of the Arts and Media

Alyssa Rothwell is an accomplished artist animator based in Sydney, Australia. She creates animated artworks using a range of digital and traditional fine art media. Her work has been featured in many exhibitions and prizes, including the New Talent Pavilion at MILIA '98 in France, where her piece 'Three Mile Creek' represented the Australia-Pacific Region. Rothwell also created animation and digital backdrops for several theatre productions presented at the Seymour Centre, Power House Museum and Roslyn Packer Theatre in Sydney. Her animation 'Joyride' was selected as a finalist for the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize and Exhibition in 2013. Rothwell's achievements also include the presentation of her Australian Film Commission-funded animated short film 'Pretty Aprons' at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 2000. Additionally, she created an animated film adaptation of composer, Andrew Schultz's 2011 bassoon and piano piece, 'Deep Blue and Dirty', which won the people's choice award at the Melbourne International Animation Festival and was a finalist in the MIAF 'Best of the Best' Jury Prize. The film features Rothwell's signature highly tactile painted animation described as "a beautiful and affective piece" that showcases Rothwell's mastery of the art of animation. Currently, Rothwell is working on several new projects and as a Media Production Lecturer at the School of Arts & Media-Arts Design and Architecture at the University of NSW.

+61 2 9385 6807
311G, Level 3 Robert Webster
  • Creative Works (non-textual) | 2019
    Rothwell A; Schultz A, 2019, Deep blue and dirty, Melbourne International Animation Festival, 13-21 July 2019 in The Treasury Cinema which is operated by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)., 13 July 2019 - 21 July 2019, medium: Hand painted stop motion animation, at:
    Curatorial Outputs | 2019
    Rothwell A, 2019, National Art School Drawing Symposium|Animation Screening: recent work by independent animators from Australia, Europe and USA., exhibited at: National Art School, Darlinghurst, Sydney., 27 March 2019 - 29 March 2019,
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2018
    Rothwell A, 2018, Animated Improvisations to music, Provocations on Hope, UNSW, 23 October 2018 - 23 October 2018, medium: Stopmotion animation, at:
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2017
    Rothwell AL, 2017, Coastal Collage, Coastal Collage, Corner Gallery, Stanmore., 20 September 2017 - 30 September 2017, medium: mixed media, at:
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2016
    Rothwell AL, 2016, Exhibition- Flat Rock_Studies, Storyboards. Animation., Flat Rock_Studies, Storyboards, Animation, Corner Gallery, 88-90 Percival Rd, Stanmore, 30 April 2016 - 14 May 2016, medium: Mixed media including acrylic, gouache, ink on paper & board plus digital vector line., at:
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2015
    Rothwell AL, 2015, On Paper, On Paper, WGoA Walcha Gallery Of Art, 21 November 2015 - 16 December 2015, medium: Mixed media, at:
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2014
    Rothwell AL, 2014, Paper Bike, Melbourne International Animation Festival, ACMI Cinemas-Federation Square, Painted/collected collage and animation, Published: 19 June 2014, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2013
    Rothwell AL, 2013, Bird's Nest, National Art School, Sydney, Editor(s): Coutts M, Animation ( Hand drawn, collage & MIxed Media animated video), Published: 13 September 2013, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2013
    Rothwell AL, 2013, Joyride, Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, Burwood, Editor(s): Sages J, Published: 05 March 2013, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,
    Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2012
    Rothwell AL, 2012, Solo Exhibition-Collage & Animation, Collage & Animation Exhibition, Ginkgo; Glebe, NSW., Published: 2012, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works,
    Conference Presentations | 2010
    Rothwell AL, 2010, 'The aesthetic of ‘the handmade’ in the realm of digital animation.', presented at 2010 UTS: SIAF Symposium 'Animation Histories and Futures, Sydney, 24 September 2010
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2010
    Rothwell AL, 2010, Serious Games Demonstraton/DVD
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2009
    Rothwell AL, 2009, The Rainforest Walk_A Serious Game, at:
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2008
    Rothwell AL, 2008, Animated Installation "Web", 13 September 2008 - 09 October 2008, at:
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2008
    Rothwell AL, 2008, Pixel & Friends the Colour Show, Pixel & Friends the Colour Show, 01 April 2008 - 27 April 2008, at:
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2008
    Rothwell AL, 2008, Pixel & Friends the Colour Show, at:
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2007
    Rothwell AL, 2007, Luli The Ice Berge. Theatre of Image Production.
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2005
    Rothwell AL, 2005, Go Pinocchio, Theatre of Image Production.
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2005
    Rothwell AL, 2005, Play - Resonating Residents
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2003
    Rothwell AL, 2003, `Shoo Fly` Interactive installation selected for exhibition: Spiders Flies.
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2000
    Rothwell AL, 2000, From My Perch
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 2000
    Rothwell AL, 2000, Pretty Aprons
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 1996
    Rothwell AL, 1996, Three Mile Creek
    Creative Works (non-textual) | 1994
    Rothwell AL, 1994, Getting Dollied Up

Joyride 2’17” Hand drawn animation finalist Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, 2013.

Joyride 2’17” Hand drawn animation selected the Australian Showcase screening for the Melbourne International Animation Festival 2012.

Pretty Aprons ATOM Award runner up Interactive Work 2000

Pretty Aprons funded by Australian Film Commission 1998.

Pretty Aprons, exhibited at the Mobius Awards Pompidou Centre, Paris, 2000.

ATOM Award Best use of Sound in a Media Production 1997

National Digital Art Awards Winner, Brisbane,1998.

Digital Media Awards, Special Commendation Macromedia, Brisbane.1999.

Milia'98,Cannes,France New Talent Pavilion.1998.

Empire Ridge & RMIT Best Interactive Production,Three Mile Creek, 1996.

RMIT Prize Best Use of Sound, an animated production, Three Mile Creek, 1996.

RMIT Prize Best Interactive Design, Three Mile Creek, 1996.


My Teaching

Convening and teaching the following courses;
mdia 2000 Animating Media
mdia 3004 Festivals and Exhibitions
mdia3006 Production Studio