Associate Professor Amany Zekry

Associate Professor Amany Zekry

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Associate Professor Amany Zekry is a Clinical Academic at St George and Sutherland Clinical School. She is a Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at St George Hospital. A/Professor Amany Zekry is part of the research team at the Microbiome Research Centre (MRC) She leads a research group investigating the role of the micro biome in the immunopathogenesis of liver disease and liver cancer in obesity. Our research group has published novel data on the role of adipocytokines in mediating liver injury and impairing the immune response. Presently, we are using ex-vivo experiments and animal models of obesity and liver cancer to study the effect of the microbiome on the immune/inflammatory responses.  In addition, we are commencing animal and human interventional studies to investigate the effect of manipulating the gut microbiome on the immune/inflammatory responses, and associated liver injury.  

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2018-2021: Sir Owen Glenn Foundation 3 million dollars

2018: Top 50 public woman in NSW

2017: Clinician of the year- St George Hospital

2019: Woman Scientist of the year: St George Hospital 


Ex vivo and animal studies are now underway to examine the effect of dysbiosis on immune/inflammatory responses in liver disease


Human and animal interventional studies have commenced to study the effect of microbiome manipulation on immune/inflammatory responses and liver injury. It is intended to extent these studies to a multi centre study examining whether gut microbiome can impact responses to immunotherapy for liver cancer. 

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