Ms Anastasia Soeriyadi

Postdoctoral Fellow
Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Anastasia completed her PhD in Photovoltaics in 2018 focusing on device design and circuit analysis of a GaAsp/SiGe on Si substrate tandem solar cell. She has published >20 research papers based on her PhD project and collaboration with different groups in photovoltaics and electrical engineering. During her PhD, she has gain expertise in nano- and micro-fabrication design, and fabrication. She utilises various optical and electrical characterisation techniques to produce a thorough loss analysis of solar cells with complicated structures. She also has hands-on experience with the complete suite of silicon solar cell fabrication tools including diffusion, chemical processes, thin film deposition, and metallisation.

She is currently working as a Post doctoral researcher focusing on Hydrogenated and Hybrid Heterojunction p-type silicon PV Cells. She is in-charge of cell fabrication processes concentrating on developing emitter formation recipes for various structures including black silicon. She is also looking into electrical changes to determine physical mechanism occurring during different hydrogenation techniques. She concurrently contribute in III-V fabrication development for concentrator application grown by MBE.

  • Journal articles | 2022
    Chen D; Madumelu C; Kim M; Stefani BV; Soeriyadi A; Kang D; Sio HC; Zhang X; Zhu P; Hallam B; Wright M, 2022, 'Investigating the degradation behaviours of n+-doped Poly-Si passivation layers: An outlook on long-term stability and accelerated recovery', Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, vol. 236, pp. 111491 - 111491,