Dr Ardalan Sameti
Casual Academic

Dr Ardalan Sameti

  • PhD. in Marketing & Management, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Business School
School of Management and Governance

Ardalan holds a PhD. in Marketing and Management (Macquarie University, 2021). He has previously obtained his MBAs in marketing management (2011) and in strategic management (2014), and from then on, he has taught business-related subjects at some universities. His main expertise and research are in the fields of strategy (business & marketing strategies), branding, NPD, IMC, CRM, CB, R&D, and innovation management.

     Besides teaching, he has worked in some marketing roles for companies in Tehran, Iran. Ardalan is also a member of the Young Researchers and Elites’ Club and of the National Elites’ Association, Iran. Furthermore, he is an advisory board member of Cambridge Scholar Publishing, a member of Product Development & Management Association (PDMA), Design Institute of Australia (DIA), and Australian Marketing Institute (Certified Practicing Marketer).

International Research Training Program (IRTP) Scholarship (from the Australian Government), 2017

Academic Articles:

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University Textbook:

  • SAMETI, A. & KHALILI, H. 2014. Decision making & strategic investment under uncertainty (With concentration on investing in stock exchange). Tehran, Iran, Scientific Information Database (SID) Press.




  • SAMETI, A. & KOSLOW, S. June 2020. Product design strategy: professional designers’ views on creativity. Innovation and Product Development Management conference (27th IPDMC, Antwerp, Belgium, Online presentation).