Dr Aron Michael
Senior Lecturer

Dr Aron Michael

  • BE  in Electrical Engineering from AAU
  • MEngSc in Electronics and Communication from School of EE&T, UNSW
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering from School of EE&T, UNSW
Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Dr.Aron Michael received the B.E . (Hons.) degree ( in electrical engineering ) from UOA , MEngSc degree ( in electrical engineering) from UNSW, and PhD degree (in electrical engineering) from UNSW.  He was appointed lecturer (in 2013)  in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication, UNSW and is currently a senior lecturer with the same school. His current research interest is Nano/Micro electro mechanical systems (N/MEMS) for optical switching, interconnect, micro-optics, piezoelectric actuators for micro-optics, low thermal budget silicon films, silicon photonics, and carbon nanofibers for flexible sensors. He has published more than 90 scientific publications in these areas.

(02)90658924 , (02)93855663
G17, Level 3, 316
  • Conference Papers | 2021
    Rasid SMR; Michael A; Pota HR; Chen SH; Kwok CY, 2021, 'Modelling and Experimental Validation of Piezoelectrically Driven Micro-Lens Actuator', in 21st International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, TRANSDUCERS 2021, IEEE, pp. 443 - 446, presented at 2021 21st International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (Transducers), 20 June 2021 - 24 June 2021, http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/Transducers50396.2021.9495618

  • 2021 ARC LIEF for "Advanced Maskless Lithography for Western Australia" LE210100126 $527K
  • 2018 Research Infrastructure Scheme
    • Maintenance and upgrades for Micro/Nano fabrication and measurement tools
    • $180000
    • Investigator: Dr. Aron Michael, Scientia Prof. Nigel Novell, Prof. Rodica Ramer, Prof. Chee Kwok, Prof Francois Ladouceur, Prof. Gang Ding Peng, A/Prof. Torsten Lehmann, and Dr. Victoria Timchenko.


  • 2018 Innovation Connect grant – Department of industry, innovation and science with Baraja Pty ltd
    • Feasibility study of MEMS based tunable diffraction grating for self-driving vehicles
    • $120000
    • Investigator: Dr. Aron Michael


  • 2017 Global Connections Fund – Bridging Grant from Australian Academy of Sciences and    

         Engineering (ATSE)

    • Development of Carbon nanofiber flow sensor prototype for biomedical application
    • $46500
    • Investigator: Dr. Aron Michael


  • 2016 Research Infrastructure Scheme
    • High Sensitivity Single Photon Spectroscopy System (SPSS)
    • $64,750
    • Investigators: Prof. Peng Gang-Ding, Prof. Kwok Chee Yee, Prof. Ladouceur Francois, Prof Barton Michael, A/Prof Li Yong, Prof. Bao Jie, Prof Wang Jun, Prof. Prusty Gangadhara, Dr. Michael  Aron, Dr. Obbard Edward, Dr. Burr Patrick, Dr. Wang Danyang, Dr. Luo Yanhua


  • 2015 Major Research Equipment Grant
    • fs Broadband Tunable Laser System
    • $133,035
    • Investigators: Prof. Peng Gang-Ding, Prof. Kwok Chee Yee, Prof. Ladouceur Francois, Dr. Michael Aron, Prof. Amal Rose, Prof. Bao Jie, Prof. Lovell Nigel, Dr. Green Rylie, Prof. Wang Jun, Prof. Prusty Gangadhara, Dr. Taylor Robert, Prof. Li Sean


  • 2015 Major Research Equipment Grant
    • A high-resolution Raman microspectrometer for materials characterization and imaging
    • $175000
    • Investigators: Anne Rich, James Hook, Martin Van Kranendonk, Greg Leslie, Jun Wang, Gavin Conibeer, Chris Sorrell, Oleg Ostrovski, Richard Collins, Ziv Hameiri, Arnaud Castel, Megan Zhang, Francois Aguey-Zinsou, Anita Ho-Baillie, Pramod Koshy, Da-Wei Wang, Jason Scott, Yun Hau Ng, Michael Aron, Huang Shujuan, Hao Xiaojing, Green Martin, Gooding Justin.


  • 2014 Major Research Equipment Grant
    • Equipment to enhance MEMS/NEMS research
    • $58,000
    • Investigators: Prof. Chee Yee Kwok, Dr. Aron Michael, Dr. Robert Norden, A/Prof Francois Ladouceur, Dr. Victoria Timechenko


  • 2014 Faculty Research Grant/Early Researcher Grants Program
    • Ultra-sensitive in-plane displacement sensors with optical readout
    • $40,000
    • Investigator: Dr. Aron Michael


  • 2012 Faculty Research Grant program/Early Researcher Grants Program
    • Miniaturized  and fast Atomic Force Microscopy
    • $20,000
    • Investigator: Dr. Aron Michael


  • 2011 Minor Research Equipment
    • Precision LC200V system
    • $10,975
    • Investigator: Dr. Aron Michael


  • 2011 Major Research Equipment Grant
    • Polytec Microsystem Analyzer
    • $150000
    • Investigators: Prof. Chee Kwok, A/Prof Francois Ladouceur, Prof. Nigel Novell, Prof. Gang Ding Peng, Dr. Aron Michael, Dr.Robert Norden, A/Prof Gary Rosengarten, Dr. Victoria Timchenko, Dr. Peng Zhongziao, and Prof. Rodica Ramer

2010 NSI UNSW, Inventor of the year award, staff category for “3D- Optical  Interconnect”

y research interest is in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) in general and Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) in particular. Specific research interests include

  • Novel Micro/Nano silicon based fabrication techniques
  • On-chip PZT based piezo-electric actuation mechanisms
  • CMOS-MEMS integration
  • Studying UHV e-beam evaporated silicon films for MEMS and integrated photonics
  • Development of on-chip high speed parallel Atomic Force Microscopy system
  • On-chip optical in-plane displacement sensors based on integrated silicon photonics
  • Design, modeling, and simulation of MEMS
  • Microelectronics for sensors and actuators
  • 3D optical interconnect for integrated circuit stacks
  • MEMS based cooling system for 3D integrated circuit stacks
  • Carbon nanofibers for flexible and wearable applications

Applications of research interests

  • Micro-optics and on-chip energy harvesting for implantable devices
  • System-on-Chip
  • Nanomachines and microactuators
  • Miniaturized and high performance optical devices with large optical zooming and fast auto focus capability for mobile handsets, security, medical, and automotive applications.
  • MicroLidar - MEMS based approaches
  • High performance on-chip Inertial Measurement Units (accelerometers and gyroscopes);
  • High resolution scanning probe lithography techniques for the next generation atomic scale fabrication, high density storage, nano-metrology, and visualization of nano scale bio-molecular and chemical dynamic processes in large scale. 
  • MEMS based 3D integration of stacked chips - optical interconnect
  • MEMS cooling solution for Tera-bit computation



  • Actively engaged with academics and industries for collaborative research opportunities. Some notable examples innovation bridging grant in 2017 from ATSE with Sensornomics - start up company in Singapore, European camera phone developer companies, Polight and Miniswsys, and Baraja Pty Ltd, a start-up company which is developing a LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles                           
  • Serving as technical and program committee for  APCOT and Transducers major international conference in MEMS fields 
  • Served as guest editor for special issue in Micromachine journal.
  • Regular reviewer in high tier journals in the field - Journal of MEMS, Sensors and actuators A: Physical, Micromachines, Journal of microengineering and micromechanics, Electron Device Letters...
  • Taste of Research coordinator in 2016.
  • Deputy director of academic study - Thesis coordinator since 2017
  • Casual academic coordinator in 2017 and 2018.
  • AEC (Academic Executive Committee) and assessment committee member at School.
  • Invited to “Digital uplift” panel – Engineering Course Design Institute.
  • Participated in Défense showcase.

My Research Supervision

Currently, I am supervising four PhD students

Yen Nee - 1st PhD student (Primary supervisor)

Fawwaz  - 1st PhD student (Primary supervisor)

Mohammad Haq - 2nd year PhD student (Joint supervisor)

Syed Mamun - 2nd year PhD student (Joint supervisor)

My Teaching

My area of teaching expertise lies within the field of microsystems under electrical engineering. I have taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

  • Teaching undergraduate courses

                  ELEC2141: Digital Systems design

                  ELEC2142: Embedded Systems

                  ELEC2133: Analogue Electronics

  • Teaching postgraduate courses

                 ELEC9703: Integrated Circuit Technology (VLSI technology)

                 ELEC9704: Microsystems technology