Dr Barbara Zangerl

Dr Barbara Zangerl

Visiting Fellow
RN, BNClinHons(Tran to Prac), GradDipN(Cardiovascular), VMD, PhD, MACN



Magister in Veterinary Medicine (equivalent DVM, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, 1996)

Doctor in Veterinary Medicina (equivalent PhD in Genetics; University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, 1999)

Master of Nursing, University of Sydney, 2018

Graduate Certificate in Cardiovascular Nursing, University of Tasmania, 2021

Bachelor of Nursing with Clinical Honours, University of Tasmania, 2022

Graduate Diploma in Cardiovascular Nursing, University of Tasmania, 2022


Professional affiliations

Member of the Australian College of Nursing

Member of the Australasian Cardiovascular Nursing College

Member of the Beta Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta at UPenn


Medicine & Health
School of Optometry and Vision Science

Over the past 20 years, I have developed a long-standing research career including academic positions at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA and at the University of New South Wales in Australia. More recently, I supplemented my theoretical skills with professional, first-hand knowledge as a Registered Nurse, which allowed me to further refine my knowledge and understanding of clinical requirements, protocols, and processes within the Australian healthcare system.

The combination of research and clinical experience, in combination with my desire to advance medicine, put me in an ideal position to understand all aspects of healthcare research, which I have conducted on the molecular level as well as through clinical trials testing medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. Overall, I am passionate about putting patients at the centre of evidence-based clinical care and advance research to improve outcomes through well implemented clinical trials and cutting-edge technology.

School for Optometry and Vision Science UNSW Australia Rupert Myers Building Barker Street, Gate 14 Kensington NSW 2052

Honors student scholarship, University Of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, 1992

Honors student scholarship, University Of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, 1993

Honors student scholarship, University Of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, 1994

Young scholar presentation award, 28th International Conference on Animal Genetics, Göttingen, Germany, 2002

I am interested in facilitating local, national, and international clinical trials improving care and outcomes for patients in critical care, such as:

  • Delirium in the ICU
  • Sleep in the ICU and its impact on long term outcomes
  • Early ECMO to facilitate de-sedation, extubation, and mobilisation
  • Improving early intervention for patients in septic shock


Implementation and governance of selected clinical trials

  • NCT05562505: A Randomised Controlled Trial of ECMO to De-sedate, Extubate Early, and Mobilise in Hypoxic Respiratory Failure (REDEEM), registered 30.9.2022, Role: Site Clinical Research Coordinator
  • NCT04569942: Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation: FLUid or Vasopressors in Emergency Department Sepsis (ARISE FLUIDS), registered 30.9.2020, Role: Site Clinical Research Nurse
  • ACTRN12623000541606: The ICU of the Future – evaluation of the impact of environmental upgrades on patient outcomes, registered 22.5.2023, Role: Clinical Research Coordinator
  • ACTRN12622000854730: Validation of a single forehead sensor against polysomnography and evaluation of the introduction of a circadian lighting solution on sleep, circadian rhythms, and recovery in the ICU, registered 17.6.2022, Role: Clinical Research Coordinator
  • ACTRN12622000220763: eDIS-ICU – An international validation study to assess accuracy of a new screening tool for delirium in the intensive care unit, registered 8.2.2022, Role: Clinical Research Coordinator
  • ACTRN12618001025224: Diurnal Intraocular Pressure Self-monitoring (DIPS) in glaucoma patients on topical medication, registered 19.6.2018
  • ACTRN12617001420336: Evaluation of efficiency, satisfaction, and costs of clinical assessment for diabetic retinopathy by ophthalmologists and optometrists at the Sutherland Hospital Eye clinic for patients with Diabetes, registered 9.10.2017
  • ACTRN12617001222336: Effect of a Collaborative Ophthalmic System for Effective Triage (COSET) for patients referred to a public ophthalmology clinic on waiting times, registered 21.8.2017
  • ACTRN12615001274561: For glaucoma patients and suspects, does home self-monitoring for six weeks following the initial clinical assessment result in better clinical management decisions?, registered 23.11.2015
  • ACTRN12615000307505: For glaucoma patients and suspects, does better diagnostic effectiveness of the referring optometrist result in improved outcomes?, registered 1.4.2015