Dr Bethany Horsburgh
Research Associate

Dr Bethany Horsburgh

BSc (Adv) (Hons), PhD (Medicine)

Medicine & Health
The Kirby Institute

Bethany is a Research Associate, working with Dr Francesca di Giallonardo and A/Prof Rowena Bull to develop and validate whole-genome sequencing methodologies for HIV and Hepatitis C as part of the H2Seq MRFF grant.

Bethany completed her Bachelor of Science (Advanced) with Honours in 2016 at the University of Sydney, majoring in Immunobiology and Biology. She then completed her PhD in 2020 at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research. Her studies focused on the use of single-copy assays and high-throughput sequencing to characterise full-length HIV genomes during suppressive antiretroviral therapy.

Post-PhD she worked as a research assistant, continuing to develop and utilise high-throughput sequencing to understand viral genomes. In 2021 her work assisted in the identification of a previously uncharacterised strain of Hendra virus.


+61 2 9348 0888
Level 5 Wallace Wurth Building
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