Bill Peirson

Adjunct Professor
UNSW Water Research Laboratory
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bill is the former Director of the Water Research Laboratory and a former co-Director of the UNSW Water Research Centre.

He has over 35 years professional engineering expertise and research experience in large-scale water engineering. This includes the fields of:

  • Engineering hydraulics and fluid mechanics
  • Coastal and ocean engineering
  • River engineering
  • Estuarine and port engineering
  • Engineering hydrology

His specialist research interests include:

  • Wave dynamics: air-sea interaction; wave breaking; turbulence; fluid mechanics
  • Coastal and oceanographic processes; coastal structures
  • Estuarine processes: environmental flows to estuaries; estuarine ecology; ecohydraulics; cohesive sediment dynamics
  • Air-water exchanges of gases and other tracers
  • Climate change adaptation of major engineering infrastructure
  • Computer applications in civil and environmental engineering: numerical and physical modelling; instrument design
  • Flood and river engineering; stormwater structures
  • Atmospheric boundary layer processes
  • Outfall design and assessment
  • Reservoir engineering

(+61 2) 8071 9800