Associate Professor Bin Ong

Associate Professor Bin Ong

Conjoint Associate Professor
Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Research Interests:
Main interests are in - Geriatric Medicine - Thromboembolic diseases - Models of care including hospital in the home, ambulatory care and medical assessment units.

Broad Research Areas:
Clinical Research, Gerontology - Geriatrics, Health Services Research


Society Memberships & Professional Activities:
Australia and New Zealand Society of Geriatric Medicine, American Academy of Home Care Physicians, Hospital in the Home Australia

Specific Research Keywords:
Hospital in the Home, Post Acute Care, Thrombosis, Medical assessment unit, Ambulatory care

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My Research Supervision

Research (honours) - two student projects

- Relationship between frailty and multimorbidity and morbidity

- Frailty as predictor for post hospital outcomes and readmission