Dr Bradley Hastings

Dr Bradley Hastings

Research Associate

PhD (Deans award), BE (1st Class Honours and University Medal)

Business School
UNSW Bus Insights Institute

Brad re-joined UNSW after a 20-year corporate career. Following the recent completion of his PhD , Brad leads the creation of positive partnerships between academia and the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. Working with partners, he connects research acumen with real world challenges, enabling the co-creation of brighter futures.

Brad’s research interest is the ingredients of successful organisational change. He sits on the board of the Organisational Development and Change division of the Academy of Management. Brad lectures UNSW postgraduate students on the topic of leadership and also designs and delivers executive education programs that equip leaders of the future.

During his corporate time, Brad was a Deal lead at Capita Plc. and a Partner at Stroud Consulting. He worked with government and private sector clients to build partnerships that positively transformed their operations. His government-based partnerships included healthcare, social services, environmental services and local government services. Example private sector partners included Ford, Akzo Nobel, Heinz, Ryvita, Uncle Tobys, Westinghouse, Cordenka and CVC Capital Partners.

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