Dr Casey Myers

Dr Casey Myers

Research Staff Level C

B.Sc (Physics and Mathematics), The University of Queensland, 2000

B.Sc (Hons 1 in Physics), The University of Queensland, 2001

M.Sc (Physics), The University of Waterloo), 2003

Ph.D (Physics), the University of Waterloo, 2007


School of Physics

Casey is a senior research fellow in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He is jointly working with the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) and Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC), where he is the Quantum Algorithms and Applications Team Lead. He is a respected expert in quantum algorithms and the theory of quantum systems. He has over 15 years experience working in the quantum technologies sector, as both a university academic and researcher in the deep tech industry, pioneering quantum algorithms for both optical and solid state architectures. He was at the University of Melbourne before joining UNSW where he established and led the quantum computing program in computer science. Before this he worked at the quantum computing start-up company Xanadu, where he developed some of the fundamental machine learning applications for quantum computing. The key question that drives Casey's work is what difficult problems can a quantum computer solve? Which areas of industry could benefit from the advantage that a quantum computer is expected to provide?

Casey has taught extensively throughout his career, at both the undergraduate and post-graduate level, in physics, mathematics and computer science. Most recently he was involved in the creation, coordination and teaching of two new quantum computing subjects at the University of Melbourne, one focussed on quantum algorithms/software for post-graduate students and the other a second year introduction to quantum computing.

In addition to Casey's considerable experience in the quantum sector, he has also worked in both the banking and geosciences industries. As a Senior Quantitative Analyst in the banking sector he was responsible for developing, implementing and testing production models for enterprise & group operational risk. As a Staff Geophysicist in the seismic data processing industry he developed techniques to process raw, large, noisy marine seismic datasets into accurate subsurface images.

My Research Supervision

Quantum machine learning

Quantum algorithms for optimisation

Quantum algorithms for Monte Carlo simulations


My Teaching


Creator, subject coordinator and lecturer for the Masters level subject: Quantum Software Fundamentals (COMP90084) at the University of Melbourne, 2021

Lecturer for the Masters level subject: Introduction to Quantum Computing (MULT90063), the University of Melbourne, 2021.

Subject coordinator and lecturer for the Masters level subject: Algorithms and Complexity (COMP90038) the University of Melbourne, 2020

Creator, coordinator and lecturer for the 2nd year level subject: Elements of Quantum Computing (PHYC20016) the University of Melbourne, 2020

Subject coordinator and lecturer for the 3rd year Quantum Mechanics (PHYS3040) course, the University of Queensland, 2009-2013