• Book Chapters | 2022
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  • Journal articles | 2022
    Carter A; Strnadová I; Watfern C; Pebdani R; Bateson D; Loblinzk J; Guy R; Newman C, 2022, 'The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People with Intellectual Disability: A Scoping Review', Sexuality Research and Social Policy, vol. 19, pp. 372 - 390, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s13178-021-00549-y
    Journal articles | 2021
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    Journal articles | 2021
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    Journal articles | 2021
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    Journal articles | 2021
    Watfern C, 2021, 'Thom Roberts Reads Crowns: Musing on Art and Neurodiversity through the Lens of One Artist’s Practice', Art/Research International: A Transdisciplinary Journal, vol. 6, http://dx.doi.org/10.18432/ari29546
    Journal articles | 2021
    Watfern C, 2021, '“Thom Roberts is an artist and a country express train”. Commentary on “Community participation as identity and belonging: a case study of Arts Project Australia. “I am an artist”” (Anderson & Bigby, 2021)', Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, vol. 8, pp. 15 - 20, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/23297018.2021.1899847
    Journal articles | 2019
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  • Conference Presentations | 2021
    Wehbe A; Moad S-A; Tomaszewski P; Macdonald D; Watfern C; Scott L; Butler K; Thorburn K; Waks S; Fisher K; O’Shea P, 2021, 'Great expectations - inclusivity in disability research - policy meets practice', presented at Australian Social Policy Conference 2021, UNSW SPRC (online), 25 October 2021 - 05 November 2021, https://www.aspc.unsw.edu.au/4c-great-expectations-inclusivity-disability-research-policy-meets-practice
    Conference Presentations | 2019
    Watfern C, 2019, 'Lisa Scott: Taking control through writing and making art', presented at Australian Society for Intellectual Disability Conference, Adelaide, 06 November 2019 - 08 November 2019
    Conference Presentations | 2019
    Watfern C, 2019, 'A Supported Studio', presented at International Conference on The Arts in Society, Lisbon, Portugal, 19 June 2019 - 21 June 2019
    Conference Presentations | 2018
    Watfern C, 2018, 'Thom Roberts reads crowns', presented at AAANZ Conference, RMIT University, Melbourne, 05 December 2018 - 07 December 2018
    Conference Posters | 2018
    Watfern C; Mooney S; Anderson B, 2018, 'Shape Constancy and Symmetry', presented at Australian Psychological Society Congress, 27 September 2018 - 30 September 2018
    Conference Presentations | 2018
    Heck C; Watfern C, 2018, 'Healthy Mind: An online easy read tool for building good mental health', presented at Australian Association of Developmental Disability Medicine Conference, Sydney, 06 September 2018 - 07 September 2018
    Creative Written Works | 2018
    Watfern C, 2018, Best friends going through a tunnel: Thom and Angelmouse, Overland Literary Journal, https://overland.org.au/2018/07/best-friends-going-through-a-tunnel-the-art-of-thom-and-angelmouse/
    Creative Written Works | 2017
    Watfern C, 2017, Space of Mind: An Interview with Dawn-Joy Leong, Runway: Australian Experimental Art, http://runway.org.au/space-of-mind-an-interview-with-dawn-joy-leong/