Conjoint Lecturer

Dr Daniel Kozman

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine
  • Journal articles | 2016
    Toh JWT; Raashed S; Kozman D, 2016, 'A rare case of diffuse pancolonic mantle cell lymphoma', INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COLORECTAL DISEASE, vol. 31, pp. 713 - 714,
    Journal articles | 2011
    Mckay G; Wong K; Kozman DR, 2011, 'Laparoscopic insertion of pelvic tissue expander to prevent radiation enteritis prior to radiotherapy for prostate cancer', Radiation Oncology, vol. 6, pp. 1 - 9,
    Journal articles | 2009
    Kozman DR; Engledow AH; Keck JO; Motson RW; Lynch AC, 2009, 'Treatment of left-sided colonic emergencies: A comparison of US, UK and Australian surgeons', Techniques in Coloproctology, vol. 13, pp. 127 - 133,