Dr Demet Dincer

Dr Demet Dincer

Senior Lecturer
Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment

Dr Demet Dincer is a Senior Lecturer in the UNSW Faculty of Built Environment, Interior Architecture Program. She prioritise using design research in pursuit of developing healthy and inclusive environments. Transdisciplinarity is an important approach embedded in her teaching and research; it includes the integration of knowledge across disciplines and intertwining research and practise-based knowledge. Her research has elicited impact, being invited to over 12 radio interviews including ABC Radios. 

Demet has received her B.Sc. in Architecture from Yildiz Technical University (2007), as the highest-ranking honour student and M.Sc. in Architectural Design from Istanbul Technical University (2010) from Turkiye. She was enrolled in the Urban Design Program in TU Delft (Netherlands) for her M.Sc. studies (2009). Demet was awarded the Fulbright Scholarhip, and went to Columbia University (USA) for her doctoral studies (2013-14). She has received her PhD from Istanbul Technical University in 2016.

She has worked as a post-doctoral researcher at IKEA x UTS Future Living Lab at the University of Technology Sydney (2018-19) and as an Assistant Professor at Istanbul Kultur University, affiliated with architecture and design studies. Most of her research has been funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and she has also been an executive board member of the Fulbright Alumni Association Turkey.

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  • Recorded / Rendered Creative Works | 2022
    Dincer D, 2022, Other Spaces: Other’s Spaces, Melbourne Design Week, https://otherspacesexhibition.com/, Online exhibition of research outcomes., Published: 17 March 2022, Recorded / Rendered Creative Works, https://otherspacesexhibition.com/29-Other-Spaces-Others-Spaces
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