Dr Eila Erfani

Dr Eila Erfani

Senior Lecturer

PhD, Information Systems, Macquarie University

Master of Systems Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

Business School
School of Information Systems and Technology Management

Dr. Eila Erfani is a Senior Lecturer and lead of Cybersecurity Management major and Business Analytics at the School of Information Systems and Technology Management (SISTM) within the UNSW Business School. She earned her PhD in Information Systems from Macquarie University, Sydney.

Eila's research and teaching endeavors are aimed at bridging the gap between the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its practical applications in various sectors, with a strong emphasis on promoting the ethical and secure use of digital technologies to improve sustainability and societal well-being, particularly in the area of digital health.

Her teaching philosophy is both holistic and student-centered, designed to enhance the learning experience and advance education by fostering the well-being of both students and the teaching team. This method focuses on developing academic skills, competence, autonomy, and fostering meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging within the educational community.

Eila brings a wealth of leadership experience from the academic and industry sectors. Her previous roles include Senior Systems Analyst, Data Scientist, Information Systems Project Manager, Deputy Head of School, and undergraduate and postgraduate program coordinator. Internationally, she has held significant managerial positions, such as ICT Project Manager with the Iranian Ministry of Water and Electricity and Associate CEO of Women in Engineering.

As an engaged member of both the academic and professional communities, Eila contributes to research grants, publishes in peer-reviewed journals, mentors Higher Degree Research (HDR) students, chairs Information Systems (IS) conference tracks, participates in industry events and media discussions, and holds editorial roles. Her dedication to the field of Information Systems has earned her numerous awards, including recognition for excellence in teaching and learning, and the best track organization at IS conferences. Her dedication to the field of Information Systems has earned her numerous recognitions, including an award for excellence in teaching and learning, and the best track organization at IS conferences.

Rm 2073, Level 2, West Wing, Quadrangle Building E15
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Investigator in: 

"Applying Cutting-Edge Technologies for Advancing Education and Improving Students' Learning Experience and Wellbeing" - UNSW (2023-2024), $19,000

"Co-designing with Consumers, Carers, and Other Stakeholders a Self-Management Plan for Breathlessness Crises from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" - MRFF (2023–2025), $397,111

“Utilizing AI and Sensing for Distress Detection in Swimmers" - Smile Like Drake Foundation (2022), $350,000

"Education and Research: Developing and Utilizing AI and Sensory Systems for Enhancing Livestock Transportation" - ITIC Systems (2021), $28,000

"Applying Machine Learning Algorithms for Categorizing and Prioritizing Content in the SANE Australia Peer Support Forums" - SANE Australia (2019-2020), $57,679

"Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics for Developing a Novel Coding Scheme for Content and Thematic Analysis of Cancer Council Online Community" - The Cancer Council NSW (2019), $22,727

"Design Thinking in Information Systems Courses" - UPT-UTS (2019), $45,000

"A Culturally and Language-Appropriate Smartphone Health Application for Improving the Psychological Wellbeing of Indigenous Australian People with Cancer" - UTS (2017-2018), $17,000

"Harnessing the Power of Social Platforms for Caring for Older People: A Social Media Strategy Plan for the Whiddon Group" - The Frank Whiddon Masonic Homes of New South Wales (2017), $10,000

"Exploring the Implications of Web-Based Support Interventions Use for Cancer-Affected People’s Health Outcomes" - UTS (2017), $9,000

"Design Thinking and User-Centric Approach: Easier Marking of Complex Designs" - UTS (2018), $5,000

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My Research Supervision


Investigating Smishing Vulnerabilities: Unraveling Factors, Mitigation Strategies, and Empowering Potential Targets (PhD - Currently Supervising)

Harnessing the Power of AI in Investigating the Trend of Lithium-ion Batteries Related Stock Market: To Support the Sustainable Clean Energy Future (PhD - Currently Supervising)

Harnessing the Power of Design Thinking for Open Innovation (PhD - Completed)

Developing a Conceptual Framework for Enhancing Information Security Compliance Behavior (PhD - Completed)

The Role of Big Data Analytic Capabilities in Sustainable Supply Chain Performance (PhD - Completed)

Context-aware Unified Health Knowledge Services: An Information Systems Architecture to Improve Clinicians’ Search for Evidence-based Practice (PhD - Completed)

Investigating Addiction to Social Media Use: Influential Factors and Mitigation Strategies (PhD - Completed)

Investigating the Dark Side of Social Media (MRS - Completed)

Development of an Artificial Intelligence System for Livestock Transport (MRS - Completed)