Professor Evatt Hawkes

Professor Evatt Hawkes

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Several PhD student openings in renewable hydrogen engines, solar energy in industrial processes, and fires; see below:

- 4 PhD scholarships in renewable hydrogen engines (2 modelling, 2 experimental);  we aim to develop and demonstrate the most efficient hydrogen fuelled engine to date, in partnership with industry. The research will involve computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and advanced experiments to understand and optimise the processes of fuel injection and combustion.

- 2 PhD scholarships in solar-driven production of alumina, in partnership with a major producer of alumina;  we aim to revolutionise the process of alumina calcination, a very energy intensive step in the process to make aluminium, by substituting natural gas combustion with solar thermal energy.

- 1 PhD scholarship in modelling fires;  we aim to improve fire safety by improving the predictive capability of CFD models of fire, in partnership with a major insurance and loss prevention company.

My group applies high performance computational fluid dynamics models to turbulent, reacting flows that underpin the performance of combustion and solar energy systems and the dynamics of accidental fires. Our work at the nexus of big data and engineering applications is usually carried out with the aid of large-scale supercomputing resources with a view to making fundamental and practical impacts on problems of industrial relevance in transportation, power generation, and fire safety. Much of our work involves interaction with industry, with experimental researchers, and with international collaborators at universities and laboratories around the globe.

Evatt Hawkes Bio:

2016 Professor, UNSW

2011-2015 Assoc. Professor & ARC Future Fellow, UNSW

2007-2011 Senior Lecturer, UNSW

2002-2007 Postdoc, Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, California, USA

1996-2001 PhD student Cambridge University (Cambridge Australia Trust Scholar, European Gas Turbines Scholar)

1995 University of Western Australia, B. Eng. Hons (Mech.), B Sci Hons. (Appl. Math.)



+61 2 9385 4602
402B, J17 Mechanical Engineering
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