Fatima Afzal

Fatima Afzal

Postgraduate Research Student

Fatima Afzal is conducting research under the supervision of Dr Benson Lim and Scientia Professor Deo Prasad that focuses on the sustainability performance of construction companies. 
Centred on the resource-based theory, the research highlights the organisational practices that could not only improve the overall performance of the organisation but would also give competitive advantage.

What is your current role?

Lecturer- Project Management Program, Civil Engineering Department, University of Sydney

How has your research experience helped you?

Teaching is my passion! So the main drive to undertake a research degree was to become an academic. I was lucky to get the best supervisors at the School of Built Environment who not only help me navigate my research project efficiently but also guided me to use researched based techniques and improve my teaching pedagogy. The teaching experience along with the educational improvement courses at UNSW enabled me to secure a lecturer position.