Mr Federico Santagati

Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Book Chapters | 2021
    Berchio E; Santagati F; Vallarino M, 2021, 'Poincaré and Hardy Inequalities on Homogeneous Trees', in Springer INdAM Series, pp. 1 - 22,
  • Journal articles | 2024
    Meda S; Santagati F, 2024, 'Triangular maximal operators on locally finite trees', Mathematika, 70,
    Journal articles | 2023
    Levi M; Martini A; Santagati F; Tabacco A; Vallarino M, 2023, 'Riesz Transform for a Flow Laplacian on Homogeneous Trees', Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 29,
    Journal articles | 2023
    Levi M; Santagati F; Tabacco A; Vallarino M, 2023, 'Analysis on Trees with Nondoubling Flow Measures', Potential Analysis, 58, pp. 731 - 759,
    Journal articles | 2023
    Levi M; Santagati F; Tabacco A; Vallarino M, 2023, 'Poincaré inequalities on graphs', Analysis Mathematica, 49, pp. 529 - 544,
    Journal articles | 2022
    Santagati F, 2022, 'Hardy spaces on homogeneous trees with flow measures', Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 510,

My research focuses on harmonic analysis in nondoubling contexts, particularly investigating operators such as the Riesz transform, Hardy-Littlewood maximal operators, and spectral multipliers of Laplacians. I am also interested in Hardy spaces and heat kernel estimates. Central to my research is exploring whether well-established results in classical scenarios maintain their validity within nondoubling contexts and analyzing any discrepancies that may arise.