Associate Professor Hamish Alistair MacLennan
Adjunct Associate Professor

Associate Professor Hamish Alistair MacLennan


  • Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Design (University of Salford, UK)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Salford, UK)

Title: A Study of the Performance of Office Workers Descending Multiple Flights of Stairs in High Rise Office Buildings in Trial Evacuations.

  • Bachelor of Building with First Class Honours (UNSW)
  • Master of Science (Building) (UNSW)
  • Graduate Diploma in House and Neighbourhood Planning (UNSW)
Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment

1. Professional Experience

2014 - present - Researcher and Adjunct Associate Professor in Inclusive Design, FBE, UNSW

2014 - present - Life safety Scientist and Inclusive Design Safety Specialist - Unisearch Experts, UNSW

2007 - present - Founding Principal of Holmesfire

2007-2012 - Researcher in Inclusive Design, Surface Inclusive design Research Centre, University of Salford, UK.

1995-2007 -  Founder of Holmes Fire and Safety and then Principal and Director growing the business from one to thirty four engineers with offices in San Francisco, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

1993-1995 - Lecturer in Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety at UTS

1990-1995 - Consultant and specialist on egress and evacuation Fire Code Reform Centre, Department of Trade and Commerce

1990 - 1995 - Member of NSW State Building Certification Task Force

1989 - 1995 - Member of Fire Safety Technical Subcommittee - Heritage Council of NSW

1986 - Guest Research Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

1979-1995 - Lecturer to Associate Professor/ Head of Building/ Director of Postgraduate Research, Faculty of Design Architecture and Building UTS (Numerous research projects for the equivalent of the ABCB)

Other roles including Chief Engineer on the Sydney Opera House Stage 3.

2.  Design Project Experience

  • Western Sydney Stadium performance based access and circulation design
  • darling Harbour Ramps and Stairs - performance based design
  • Major fall incidents MCC and Sydney Casino. - case study research
  • Stair safety assessment and review of railway stations on Epping Line. User based case study
  • Expert witness at land and Environment Court
  • Major development projects in Dubai
  • Emergency crowd movement - Sydney Olympics in Homebush Bay together with a the design of a number of venues.
  • Tunnels and Underground Power Station in NZ
  • Over 6 international Airports

3. Research Experience 

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4. Conference Papers, etc.

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Red Centre West Wing




  • ACEA (Consult Australia) – Gold Award – Sydney Cricket Ground, Vic Trumper Stand.
  • ACEA (Consult Australia) – Gold Award – Sydney Town Hal Refurbishment – Heritage Building
  • ACEA(Consult Australia) – Gold Award - Central Coast Leagues Club, Gosford, NSW.
  • ACENZ – Wellington Hospital NZ
  • ACENZ – Sydney Superdome – Homebush Bay NSW.
  • ACENZ – Jade/AMI Stadium Christchurch NZ.
  • ACENZ – Westpac Stadium, Wellington NZ.
  • ACENZ – Christchurch International Airport NZ.
  • IES – Passive Wayfinding System – Jade/AMI Stadium Christchurch NZ. - This involved the research, development and testing of a new passive and sustainable way guidance system for the Stadium Aisles and was highly commended by the Illuminating Engineering Society
  • ACENZ – Civic Theatre Auckland, NZ.
  • International Scholarship in Inclusive Design (EPSRC) – University of Salford – 2007.


1985 - 1990 ABCB Equivalent - 

1995 - Fire Code Reform Centre - Grant to UTS and VUT for the development of a full scale fire test facility at Fiskville - Department of Trade and Commerce

2007-2010 - ESPRC Research Grant to U of Salford UK dealing with study of the movement of Older Persons Outdoors - extensive case study

2017 - 2018 ABCB 4 Research Grants on Access Verification Methods UNSW