Hans G. L. Coster

Hans G. L. Coster

Emeritus Professor

Membrane biophysics

Electrical properties of cell membranes and the electro-mechanics of living cells in electric fields, electrical breakdown of cell membranes. My research also includes studies of the assembly of proteins in cell membranes and the function of these protein ion transport and signalling units. My group has developed unique ultra low frequency impedance spectrometers which are used for the study of the assembly of bimolecular lipid membranes and the location and effects of antibiotics and other pharmacological agents in these membranes. Another area of interest is in organic molecular films covalently linked to silicon substrates. My group uses a variety of physical techniques such as X-ray photoelectric spectroscopy, X-ray and neutron reflectometry and atomic force microscopy in addition to low frequency impedance spectroscopy to study the properties of such nanostructures on silicon.


I am involved, with my colleagues and students, into research and development in:

A new type of biosensor based on the electrical properties of molecular films. Novel electro-disinfection systems for water supplies. Improved industrial (polymer) membranes for molecular separations. The use of radio frequency electric fields manipulate and fuse individual living cells to create new hybrid cells and as a tool for genetic engineering of cells. We are also developing a melanoma vaccine based cells expressing a plura-valent set of tumour antigens.


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