Ms Hien   Hoang
Senior Lecturer

Ms Hien Hoang

Business School
Sch of Accounting, Audit & Tax

I commenced as a Lecturer at the School of Accounting in February 2017. For my PhD, I investigate the assurance engagements incorporating both financial and non-financial information and their impact on investment decision making.

My primary research interests are in the area of behavioural decision making in CSR and Integrated Reporting context. I am currently teaching financial and management accounting at the undergraduate level.

(02) 9065 1865


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    Ms Hien Hoang
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    Ms Hien Hoang
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    Ms Hien Hoang
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    Ms Hien Hoang
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    Ms Hien Hoang
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    Working Papers | 2018
    Ms Hien Hoang
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Assuring the Integrated Report: The value of key audit matters and combined assurance


CPA Australia / Global Research Perspectives Program

2019 AFAANZ Early Career Research grant – The effect of consistency check paragraph on investors’ judgments of other information ($2,000)

2020 UNSW SRG Project grant – Improving the value of financial reporting and audit in the not-for-profit sector ($10,000)