Research Fellow

Dr Holger Moeller


Medicine & Health
School of Population Health

Holger is a Research Fellow in the School of Population Health at UNSW, Sydney and a conjoint in the injury division at the George Institute for Global Health. Holger is an epidemiologist with interest and expertise in injury epidemiology, the analysis of large population-based administrative datasets including linked data and quantitative health impact assessment. His main research areas are road transport safety, child injury, injury risk factors, and the cost-effectiveness of active transport. He works across a number of different research studies including the “DRIVE cohort study of 20 822 young drivers”, “Understanding burns in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children: treatment, access to services and outcomes (Coolamon study)”, “Evaluating consumer product regulatory responses to improve child safety” and the “NSW active transport health model”.

Holger has worked in Public Health and Epidemiology at universities and in the health service in Germany, England and Australia and has experience in diverse fields such as the quantification of environmental and lifestyle related risk factors using the Global Burden of Disease study methodology, cancer epidemiology, palliative care and environmental and health indicators and injury epidemiology.

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  • Reports | 2019
    Moeller H; Haigh F; Sharma A; Veerman L, 2019, Proposal for a preferred method to cost the health benefits of active transport in New South Wales, NSW Health, Sydney
    Reports | 2017
    Moeller H; Hanly M; Jorm L; Falster KA, 2017, Emergency department visits and hospital admissions for injury in children who participated in the Brighter Futures program: a population-based data linkage study, NSW Health

Phase three of the Economic Active Transport Project: Deliver the New South Wales Active Transport Health Model (Ministry of Health NSW, 2022)

Phase two of the Economic Active Transport Project: Deliver a best practice method to cost the health benefits of active transport in NSW. (Ministry of Health NSW, 2020)

Intersectoral Collaboration for Health (The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre)

Phase one of the Economic Active Transport Project: Identify a best practice method to cost the health benefits of active transport in New South Wales. (Ministry of Health NSW, 2019)

Barriers to cervical cancer screening among women in Mount Druitt, Blacktown in Western Sydney Local Health District. (Cancer Institute NSW, 2017)

Investigating the impact of the Brighter Futures program on unintentional injuries in vulnerable children. (NSW Health, 2016,)

Cancer Intelligence for Strategic Commissioning. (Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network)

My Research Supervision

I currently supervise:

  • One PhD students (co-supervisor)

I have previously supervised to completion:

  • One Masters of Health Data Science student (primary supervisor)
  • One Medical Honours student (co-supervisor)