Mr Jason O'Neil

Mr Jason O'Neil

Senior Lecturer

Bachelor of Laws, UNSW
Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours and the University Medal), UNSW
Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri Language, Culture and Heritage, Charles Sturt University

Law & Justice
School of Global & Public Law

Jason O'Neil is a Wiradjuri man, Lecturer in the School of Global and Public Law, and the Director of Indigenous Legal Education for UNSW Law & Justice. Jason has a deep passion and range of experience in supporting First Nations people to enter the legal profession. He has contributed over several years to the growth of Ngalaya Indigenous Corporation, the peak body for First Nations lawyers and law students in NSW and the ACT.

+61 2 9348 0756
Law & Justice Building UNSW Sydney 2052
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  • Theses / Dissertations | 2019
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Jason's research is interdisciplinary, spanning Indigenous Studies, public policy and public law.  At the heart of his research is Indigenous peoples' right to self-determination, and Indigenous resurgence through assertions of nationhood.

My Teaching

Jason runs and teaches into the faculty's long-standing Indigenous Pre-Law Program, in collaboration with colleagues from the Law Faculty and Nura Gili. Pre-Law is an alternative entry pathway with a focus on developing Indigenous student's core legal thinking skills, and an overview of the Australian legal system and elements of negligence law. He also teaches the faculty's Foundations Enrichment courses, which provide ongoing support and tutorials for first year Indigenous law students alongside Introducing Law and Justice and Torts.

Jason has also taught into the Indigenous Studies major, particularly Indigenous Australia, Aboriginal Sydney, and the Science of Indigenous Knowledges.