Mr Javier Videla Mario
Casual Academic

Mr Javier Videla Mario

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Javier Videla is a PhD student at School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW, Sydney, currently working on numerical methods for the inverse problem of the wave equation, under the supervision of Dr Elena Atroshchenko and Professor Chongmin Song. Before that, Javier joined in 2017 the graduate program of the University of Chile, obtaining his MSc in mechanical engineer in 2018 with the highest honours.

His research area is computational mechanics and numerical methods, with particular emphasis in Isogeometric Analysis, with applications to Elasticity, Fracture Mechanics, plates and Acoustics. 

  • Journal articles | 2020
    Ayala T; Videla J; Anitescu C; Atroshchenko E, 2020, 'Enriched Isogeometric Collocation for two-dimensional time-harmonic acoustics', Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol. 365,
    Journal articles | 2020
    Videla J; Contreras F; Nguyen HX; Atroshchenko E, 2020, 'Application of PHT-splines in bending and vibration analysis of cracked Kirchhoff–Love plates', Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol. 361,
    Journal articles | 2019
    Videla J; Anitescu C; Khajah T; Bordas SPA; Atroshchenko E, 2019, 'h- and p-adaptivity driven by recovery and residual-based error estimators for PHT-splines applied to time-harmonic acoustics', Computers and Mathematics with Applications, vol. 77, pp. 2369 - 2395,
    Journal articles | 2017
    Atroshchenko E; Hale JS; Videla JA; Potapenko S; Bordas SPA, 2017, 'Micro-structured materials: Inhomogeneities and imperfect interfaces in plane micropolar elasticity, a boundary element approach', Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, vol. 83, pp. 195 - 203,
    Journal articles | 2017
    Videla J; Atroshchenko E, 2017, 'Analytical study of a circular inhomogeneity with homogeneously imperfect interface in plane micropolar elasticity', ZAMM Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, vol. 97, pp. 322 - 339,