Dr Jessica Hudson
Associate Professor

Dr Jessica Hudson

BA/LLB (First Class Honours) (UNSW); BCL (Distinction) (Oxon); PhD (UNSW)

Law & Justice
School of Private & Commercial Law

Dr Jessica Hudson is an Associate Professor and researches and teaches in multiple areas of private law, including equity, trusts, remedies and unjust enrichment, as well as corporations and financial services law. Prior to lecturing, Jessica was a solicitor at King & Wood Mallesons, and worked as a Tipstaff to the Honourable Justice Julie Ward when Her Honour was a Judge in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Oxford (BCL, Distinction) and UNSW (PhD, BA, LLB, First Class Honours).

Visiting Appointments

April/May 2015, visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law.

March 2018, visiting scholar at the University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law.


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Courses Taught

LAWS2385 – Equity & Trusts