Dr Jia (Jenny) Liu

Conjoint Senior Lecturer


Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Jia (Jenny) Liu (MD PhD) is a medical oncology staff specialist at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, St Vincent's Hospital (Darlinghurst, Sydney Australia) specialising in head and neck cancer and early phase clinical trials.

She graduated from UNSW with BMed MD with the University Medal, and completed her PhD in 2011 on colorectal cancer epigenetics. She has maintained an active research portfolio concurrent to full time clinical training over the past decade. She is a honorary researcher at the Garvan Institute and visiting scientist at the Children's Medical Oncology (ProCan) group, where she is liaising with collaborators nationally and internationally to utilise a novel high throughput mass spectromety pipeline which accurately measures tumour tissue proteomes to identify signatures associated with treatment response and outcome in multiple cancer cohorts.

She has active research interests in supportive care including the development of novel interventions to address fear of cancer research in cancer survivors, and translational research to identify biomarkers to improve treatment prediction and prognostication.

Darlinghurst, NSW
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My Research Supervision

Exercise interventions in patients receiving cancer therapy

Fear of cancer recurrence in breast cancer survivors

Proteomics in identifying cancers of unknown primary