Dr Jin Zhang
Scientia Fellow (Level C)

Dr Jin Zhang

  • PhD in Materials Engineering: Deakin University, Australia, 2007
  • Master in Materials Science (2001) and Bachelor in Materials Engineering (1998): Hebei University of Technology, China
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Jin Zhang is from School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of New South Wales. Her research interests include:

  • Functional fibres and composites
  • Flexible polymer nanocomposites for energy harvesting and self-powered systems
  • Lightweight fibre reinforced composite structures (e.g. cryogenic composite tanks)
  • Technical fibres and smart textiles
  • 3D printing of polymers and composites


+61 2 93854590
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  • J Zhang, CH Wang, M Islam, D Officer, W Canning. Advanced High Temperature Composites for Solid Rocket Motors in Space Launch Vehicles. NSW Space Research Network Research Pilot Program, with Thales Australia (2023);
  • J Zhang, CH Wang. Reshoring Fibreglass Airleg Product for Rock Drilling. NSW COVID-19 TechVoucher with Quarry Mining & Construction Equipment Pty Ltd. (2022);
  • ARC Research Hub for Connected Sensors for Health (IH210100040) led by CH Wang (2021);
  • CH Wang, J Zhang. Advancing an Acoustic-Induced Pollination Solution for Protected Cropping. Future Food Systems CRC (2021);
  • C Boyer, J Zhang, N Corrigan. Programming the Microstructure of 3D Printed Objects. ARC-DP210100094 (2020);
  • CH Wang, J Zhang, T Vinoth. Occlusal Splints and Compliance Device for Invisalign, Postgraduate School of Dentistry (2019);
  • J Zhang, C Hurren, R Varley. High Sound Absorbing Composites from Recycled Cotton, Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) grant (2018);
  • R Varley, M Joosten, J Zhang. Structural Maritime Composite Materials with Superior Wide Spectrum Damping. Defense Science and Technology Group (2018);
  • J Zhang, C Hurren, L De Rome. Recycled Plastic Composite Overlay to Reduce Serious Injury Crashes into Wire Rope Barrier by Motorcyclists. Transurban Innovation Grant (2017);
  • J Zhang, C Hurren, X Wang. Smart Cotton/Carbon Fabrics for Electromagnetic Interference Shielding. Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) grant (2015);
  • CH Wang, J Zhang, A Mouritz, K. Ghorbani, A Kinloch, Aligning and Chaining Carbon Nanofillers in Fibre Composites: Synergistically Improving Damage Tolerance and Diagnosis. ARC-DP140100778 (2014).


  • Endeavour Fellowship from the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) of Australian government in 2012
  • Victoria Fellowship from the Department of Victorian State Development Business and Innovation in 2013
  • Future Women Leaders Conference Award (Monash University, University of Melbourne, UNSW) in 2019

Dr Zhang has contributed to the overall research performance of Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation, Institute for Frontier Materials, Carbon Nexus of Deakin University, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering of RMIT University, and School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering of UNSW. She has worked in the field of materials, mechanical and manufacturing engineering with polymer matrix composites (polymer nanocomposites, fibre-reinforced composites and biological composites), fibres and textiles, and high-performance polymers. The main research topics covered by her publications include advanced aerospace carbon fibre epoxy composite manufacture, lightweight automotive composite structures, nanocomposite sensors and stretchable piezoelectric/triboelectric composites for energy harvesting, functional textiles, biological silk fibres and cocoon composites, multiscale and multifunctional composites, 3D printed polymers and composites by photopolymerization, etc. Particularly, she is leading research efforts towards the scientific advance and practical applications of flexible energy harvesting nanogenerators and lightweight composite structures for aerospace, automotive, mining and renewable energy sectors. Her recent research interests can be found in the following links:







Academic Lead of Redback Racing, UNSW Formula SAE Team (120 members)

My Research Supervision

  • Mr Yilin He (PhD candidate): Flexible composites for energy harvesting and self-power sensors
  • Mr Xiaobing Shi (PhD candidate): Light responsive polymers for 3D printing
  • Mr Wenmu Yang (PhD candidate): Bio- flame retardants for polymers and composites
  • Mr Guang Li (PhD candidate): Stretchable composites for sensing and energy harvesting
  • Mr Othman Abu Laban (PhD candidate): Novel composite structures for composite cryotanks
  • Mr Jiawei Wang (PhD candidate): Nano-engineering of carbon fibre composites for liquid hydrogen storage
  • Mr Yuansen Qiao (PhD candidate): 3D-printed flexible and high powered piezoelectric polymer composites for wearable electronic devices

My Teaching

  • MATS4005 Composite and Functional Materials
  • MMAN4010 and MMAN4020 Practice Thesis Projects
  • GSOE9810 Product and Process Quality in Engineering
  • MECH9420 Composite Materials and Mechanics