Dr Jinki Trevillian

Dr Jinki Trevillian

Senior Lecturer
Business School
SMT Strategic Pot

DR JINKI TREVILLIAN is an educator, writer and researcher with professional experience in community arts and event management. Jinki has joined the Education Portfolio at UNSW Business School in their transformative education initiative commencing 2022. Having joined the Centre for Social Impact, UNSW Business School as an Education Focussed Senior Lecturer in 2019, Jinki stepped up to the role of Director of Education in 2020 and led the Education team through an exciting and challenging year. With an Education Focussed Fellowship in late 2021, Jinki moved to the Pro Vice Chancellor of Education and Student Experience, contributing to the academic development program, and took a role as Academic Lead in the TAFE Pathways Project. 

As a lecturer, Jinki works collaboratively in a cross-disciplinary environment to empower students in life-long learning through education in sustainability and global citizenship. This work embraces the the complexity and inherent tension of "participating in an interconnected, interdependent nd diverse world" (OECD, 2015) with systems thinking and the development of critical literacy. 

Jinki is committed to work which contributes to increased understanding between individuals, institutions and communities. Research for a doctoral thesis, ‘Talking With The Old People; Histories of Cape York Peninsula, 1930s-1950s’, took Jinki from the government archives of southern cities to remote communities in far North Queensland; with the aim to learn about history as told by the people who lived through it. A passion for learning has encouraged Jinki to draw on many disciplines and some undisciplined innovations.

With a focus on communication Jinki has worked across a range of platforms incorporating experience in media, teaching, professional writing and research. In addition to a lifelong dedication to academic work Jinki has over 20 years of experience working on festivals and events. This career in education has encompassed volunteer teaching in India, creative projects in schools, ESL for migrants and university teaching in diverse disciplines from business to design and humanities. Jinki has previously worked at University of Sydney business school on their MBA course in Critical Thinking, University of Canberra and the Australian National University.