Dr John Carr

Dr John Carr

Senior Lecturer

PhD: Geography, University of Washington

Juris Doctor: University of Texas School of Law

B.A.: Philosophy (Honors), Trinity University

Arts, Design & Architecture
School of Humanities & Languages

Dr. John Carr is an urban and legal geographer whose work focuses on the intersections of urban geography, law, planning, and human and non-human environments.  In particular, his research seeks to address the questions that can only be answered by bridging the gaps among different disciplines.  Much of his research is based in community-based and participatory methodologies. In addition to his PhD in Geography from the University of Washington he also holds a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. For more than a decade, he practiced law in the areas of civil rights and complex litigation before entering academia.


Morven Brown 363
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Visiting Scholar. University of Tasmania, School of Land and Food. Hobart, Australia. April-July 2016.

Erskine Fellow. University of Canterbury, Department of Geography. Christchurch, New Zealand. February-April 2016.

Outstanding Teacher of the Year. University of New Mexico. Highest pre-tenure university-wide teaching award. 2013


  • Recent Online Videos

    • Making Living Cities.  Unsomnia public scholarship lecture series, UNSW Centre for Ideas. Sept. 7, 2022

    • The Prismatic Geographies of Ruins, with Dr. Daniel Robinson. UNSW School of Humanities & Languages YouTube channel.  Discussing recent urban environmental research for public dissemination of Environment and Society research. May 2020.

    • Skateboarding’s Urban Geographic Context, with Duncan McDuie. Discussing the contexts for Professor Duncan McDuie-Ra’s book “Skateboarding and Urban Landscapes in Asia” (2021)



My Research Supervision

  • Behnaz Avazpour Ph.D. in Planning, University of New South Wales. (Anticipated graduation 2024). Behnaz is studying climate change adaptation through stormwater management in semi-arid cities.


  • Kristyn Glanville Ph.D. in Law, University of New South Wales. (Anticipated graduation 2024). Kristyn is studying the criminology of water theft in Australia.


  • Govinda Paudel, Ph.D. in Arts, Design and Architecture, University of New South Wales. (Anticipated graduation 2022). Govinda is studying the discourses and practices around forestry in Nepal.


  • Han Ayshan, Ph.D. in Arts, Design and Architecture, University of New South Wales. (Anticipated graduation 2021). Han is studying the discourses around law and justice in video game trailers.


  • Denise True, (as Reader) Ph.D. in Arts, Design and Architecture, University of New South Wales. (Anticipated graduation 2021). Denise is studying ways that Traditional Ecological Knowledge might be integrated into Australia’s Environmental Impact Assessment processes.

My Teaching

Frameworks of Environmental Relations & Leadership (IEST5001)

Core seminar for the Master, Graduate Diploma, and Graduate Certificate of Environmental Management, providing overview of the complex social, political, and economic contexts of socioenvironmental issues and inherent benefits and challenges in multidisciplinary approaches to environmental leadership.


Rethinking Environment: Sociocultural Theory (IEST5006)

Core seminar for the Master and Graduate Diploma of Environmental Management, offers a robust set of cutting edge and foundational theoretical approaches for understanding, rethinking, and intervening in the most pressing environmental challenges we face.

Living Cities: Promises & Risks of Urban Environments (IEST6912)

Postgraduate seminar exploring the roles cities can play in driving, exacerbating, and potentially addressing a range of environmental challenges. Exploring promises and risks of urbanism through a variety of lenses, such as socioeconomic class, environmental justice, consumerism, degrowth, and new approaches to urban nature and urban futures.


Urban Environments (ARTS3245)

Undergraduate program recruitment course for the Geography Major contextualising cities as part of wider environmental understandings and concerns, focusing on changes to thinking about urbanism over time.


Environmental Advocacy and Activism (Arts 1241)

Undergraduate program recruitment course for Environmental Humanities exploring a cross-section of theories and tactics for environmental change-making.