Mr John Page
Honorary Senior Lecturer

Mr John Page

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Mr John Page is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. His research interests include:

Simulation and Virtual Engineering
One of the major research areas in modern engineering design is the development of the skills and technology required to construct virtual products and plants. We have designed and built a flight simulator capable of operating both as a mimic and a virtual interface. As our capability in this technology expands we are also applying it to motor vehicles and manufacturing plant.

Swarm Technology
Research into the emergent behaviour generated by agent computer programming.  In particular the development of strategies for swarms of UASs to achieve a mission.

Computer Aided Design
This work was initiated in the early period of this technology and has been reactivated. Design with modern aerospace materials cannot be done in isolation from analysis and manufacture. Aerospace manufacture is moving towards the "global factory" and this also involves the application of this technology.

Space Vehicle Initial Project Design
This work has been concerned with investigating concepts for advanced spacecraft. It led to being a member of the design team for the Australian Science and Application Spacecraft and the Australian Launch Vehicle Project.

Aerospace Policy Studies
This work grew out of constraints in initial design caused by industrial policy. Conversion and diversification was the first area of study but this has broadened out to take into account more general policy issues. Work has been conducted in collaboration with NASA's Commercial Projects Division and the Australian Space Office.

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  • Conference Presentations | 2018
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