Dr Jordana McLoone
Senior Research Associate

Dr Jordana McLoone

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Jordana McLoone is a Research Fellow and Lecturer with the Discipline of Paediatrics, School of Women's & Children's Health, UNSW Medicine.

She is also a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Kid's Cancer Centre, Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. 

Dr McLoone leads the survivorship research stream at the Behavioural Sciences Unit within the Kid's Cancer Centre.  Her key interest lies in long-term follow-up care for childhood cancer survivours and their families, as well as the psycho-social impacts related to childhood cancer.

Dr McLoone's career began with a focus on child and adolescent mental health research, developing unique anxiety and depression interventions delivered in homes and schools by lay parents and teachers. 

She maintains an interest in providing Phase II randomised controlled trial evidence for interventions which have been specifically designed to overcome common barriers to treatment including the high cost of private treatment and treatment location (particularly for those living in rural locations.) 

Dr McLoone is also interested in using new technologies and innovation to overcome the barriers to unique child and adolescent populations, such as lack of independent transport, lack of age appropriate information and peer-related stigma.  I continue to design research for optimal translation into mental health practice tailoured at to young people's needs.

Dr McLoone is committed to contributing to the field of psych-oncology by way of innovative research studies addressing national cancer priorities.

Broad research areas:

Paediatric cancer, long-term follow-up care, psycho-social aspects of cancer, late effects of cancer, psychosocial / behavioural research, public health research, survivourship


PhD (Psychology), B Psych (Hons I)

Professional Memberships/Associations:

  • International Psycho Oncology Society (IPOS)
  • Psycho-oncology Co-operative Research Group (PoCoG).
  • Australasian Society for Health and Behavioral Medicine (ASHBM).

Behavioural Sciences Unit (BSU): http://www.behaviouralsciencesunit.org/index.html

(02) 9382 3114
Kids Cancer Centre, Level 1 South Sydney Children's Hospital, High Street Randwick NSW 2031