Miss Joyce El-Haddad

Miss Joyce El-Haddad


Masters of Research 

PhD candidate

Medicine & Health
School of Biomedical Sciences

Joyce El-Haddad is a lecturer in anatomy and histology in the Medicine and Health Faculty at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Joyce is highly regarded by her students, as evidenced by the consistently positive feedback she receives. Through individual feedback scores, her teaching experience has been rated exceptionally high, consistently achieving scores above 5.8 out of 6.


Currently pursuing her PhD at UNSW, Joyce's research revolves around medical ethics, with a particular focus on informed consent and the use of fetal, and embryological remains. She is deeply invested in exploring topics related to body and organ donation and acquisition, as well as increasing body literacy in the general community and promoting sustainability in medical education. Joyce also supervises honour projects, focusing on the utilisation of ultrasound in anatomy education, attitudes towards body donation, and the inclusion of intersex individuals in medical programs.


Joyce's outstanding contributions to teaching have been recognized through numerous nominations for teaching awards. She has also received several accolades, including the New Teacher of the Year Award from the School of Medical Sciences at UNSW in 2021 and the Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career Academic Staff) from the Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty at UNSW in the same year. In 2018, she was awarded the "Vice Chancellors Award for Programs that Enhance Learning" for her contributions to the Human Anatomy Team Program at Macquarie University.


Her commitment to engaging with students and the general public is demonstrated through her active presence on social media (@orientatewithjoyce), where she shares valuable information on health-related topics. Joyce engages in collaborations aimed at increasing health literacy using social media platforms. She has worked extensively on projects related to sexual health, various cancers, COVID-19 swabbing, and visceral referred pain. Collaborations with organizations such as Beat Bladder Cancer Australia and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia showcase her commitment to raising awareness and supporting patient outreach.



Visting Fellowship Grant ($10,000) - Pro-Vice Chancellor, Education & Student Experience


Highly Commended Students' Choice Award for Inspirational Teaching

Issued by Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences · Dec 2022


Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career Academic Staff)Award for Teaching Excellence (Early Career Academic Staff)

Issued by Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences · Dec 2021


New Teacher of the Year Award New Teacher of the Year Award

Issued by School of Medical Sciences - UNSW · Dec 2021



My Research Supervision

Grace Heesh - Inclusion of Intersex in medical curricula 

Ryan Jeong - Attitudes towards body and organ donation 


Rachel Lawerence - The use of ultrasound in medical education

My Teaching

Anatomy, histology, and embryology - all levels.