Ms Julie Loblinzk
Research Fellow (NH&MRC)

Ms Julie Loblinzk

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Education

Julie Loblinzk is an Adjunct Lecturer at School of Education, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney. Julie Loblinzk has co-designed and co-produced research, which brings new knowledge and has impact on people with intellectual disabilities and their lives. She is also active in disseminating her research via journal articles, conferences, and a blog called Disability & Me. She is also a guest speaker for undergraduate students in BA/Bed programs, and Masters in Education (Special Education) students.


Julie Loblinzk is a Board Member of the Self Advocacy Sydney. She is a well-recognised self-advocate with lived experience of having intellectual disability and extensive experience of supporting other people with intellectual disabilities to be confident to make their own life choices and live good lives in the community. Julie Loblinzk was one of the first self-advocates in New South Wales and has important industry knowledge and community standing. The overall impact of Julie’s work, over the years, has been extensive.