Dr Juliet Bourke

Dr Juliet Bourke

BA, LLB (UNSW); LLM (Hons) (USyd); PhD (Brunel University London)

Business School
School of Management and Governance

My primary areas of focus are diversity, inclusion, inclusive leadership, team performance and the future of work. I blend academic rigor with practitioner insights. Currently a Professor of Practice in the School of Management and Governance, as well as a board member and independent workplace consultant, I was previously a partner in Deloitte. For ten years I led the National Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Practice in which capacity I advised global executives on D&I strategy and inclusive leadership. Prior to Deloitte I was a co-Founder of a boutique D&I consulting firm, and prior to that I worked in Government as a lawyer specialising firstly in criminal law and then human rights. As a sessional lecturer, I taught Organisational Behaviour at UNSW, and Advanced Discrimination Law at the University of Sydney.   

  • Books | 2016
    Bourke J, 2016, Which Two Heads Are Better Than One? How Diverse Teams Create Breakthrough Ideas and Make Smarter Decisions
  • Book Chapters | 2011
    Andrews J; Bourke J, 2011, 'Trends in workforce participation in the Australian workforce 1900-2010', in Women at work: research, policy and practice, pp. 23 - 53
  • Journal articles | 2016
    Aldakheel FM; Thomas PS; Bourke JE; Matheson MC; Dharmage SC; Lowe AJ, 2016, 'Relationships between adult asthma and oxidative stress markers and pH in exhaled breath condensate: A systematic review', Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, vol. 71, pp. 741 - 757, http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/all.12865

AFR top 100 Women of Influence 

Deloitte Global Recognition Award

UNSW Alumni Award

Women Lawyer's Association of NSW Achievement Award

Centre for Leadership for Women Award