Dr Krystyna Gieniec
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Krystyna Gieniec

Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Krystyna is a full-time Postdoctoral Fellow in the EMBL-Australia Calcium Signalling lab headed by Dr Felicity Davis ((davis lab (davislabresearch.net). Her research evolves around the mammary gland, where she hopes to discover how the epithelium and its adjacent stroma interact via calcium-induced signals to promote mammary development at both embryonic and cancerous stages. To study this, Krystyna employs the use of genetically modified animal models and complex 3D cell systems coupled with advanced 3D volumetric microscopy imaging.

Room 317, Level 3, Lowy Building

2023-2028: NHMRC Emerging Leadership Level 1 Investigator Grant [CIA]

2023-2025 (declined): Cancer Institute NSW Early Career Fellowship [CIA]

2023: UNSW Cancer Theme EMCR Seed Grant [CIB]

2021: 'The Illuminators' virtual microscopy exhibition for UNSW Diversity Fest 2021 (The Illuminators: Scope for Change | Equity Diversity & Inclusion - UNSW Sydney) [CIA]

- Cover image for BBA Molecular Cell Research
- Postdoctoral Travel Award (SBMS, UNSW)
- Travel Fellowship Award for Junior Researchers (European Calcium Society)
- Drabikowski Award for best talk by an early career researcher and for showing promise as an emerging leader (16th International Meeting of the European Calcium Society)
- UNSW SBMS Young Researcher of the Year Award

- Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence
- People’s Choice Award for Favourite Video in ‘The Illuminators’ microscopy exhibition (as part of Diversity Fest 2021; The Illuminators: Scope for Change | Equity Diversity & Inclusion - UNSW Sydney)
- First place in the Live Cell Imaging Category of the LMA/VIA 2021 Image Competition (LMA and VIA 2021 Image Competition Winners – Live Cell Category – Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society)
- Best Image Award for the 2021 ANZSCDB microscopy imaging competition (2021 Image Award — ANZSCDB)

- Lions Medical Research Foundation Inc Supplementary Scholarship
- Research Training Program Stipend

- Basic Science Young Investigator Award finalist (GESA Annual Scientific Meeting)

- Merck Business and Enterprise Prize (13th Annual Florey Postgraduate Conference)

- Adelaide Graduate Centre Research Travel Scholarship

- Jemima Lendrum Honours Grant
- Gastrointestinal Cancer Biology Group Honours Scholarship

- Summer Research Scholarship