Dr Lisa Asper

Dr Lisa Asper

Honorary Senior Lecturer
Medicine & Health
School of Optometry and Vision Science

About me:

My laboratory group investigates visual perception. Research includes investigation of binocular summation in amblyopia, perceptual learning, yoked prism, and repeatability of binocular vision testing procedures. I hope to branch out to investigate visual perception in early dementia in the near future.


OD (Southern California College of Optometry, 1980)

PhD (UNSW, 2004)

My Research Goals:

  • Investigate binocularity
  • Investigate visual perception in groups such as the elderly, those with dementia, those with ocular disease
  • Investigate the effect of vertical yoked prisms on visual perception and action

Completed Student Projects (PhD and Honours)

  • Perceptual learning in contrast discrimination
  • Development of interocular and spatial interactions
  • The effect of vertical yoked prisms on gait
  • The effect of vertical yoked prisms on lateral heterophoria
  • Posture and eyestrain when using smart phones
  • Investigation of activities that may or may not affect cycloplegia
  • Investigation into the repeatabiltiy of binocular vision testing

Professional affiliations and service positions

            Member, Optometry Australia

Research Groups

Research Topics

  • Binocular Vision
  • Development and maturation of the visual system, amblyopia, colour vision
  • Digital devices (smartphones and computers), eye strain and dry eye
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School of Optometry and Vision Science Level 3, Room 3.011 North Wing, Rupert Myers Building