Dr Lisa Carson

Dr Lisa Carson

Adjunct Associate Lecturer
UNSW Canberra
School of Business


Dr Lisa Carson is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australia & New Zealand School of Government  (ANZSOG) working across research, advisory, education and thought leadership. She’s also an Honorary Senior Fellow in Public Leadership & Diversity in the Melbourne School of Government at the University of Melbourne and an Adjunct Lecturer and Research Fellow in the Public Service Research Group (PSRG) at the University of New South Wales in Canberra.

Prior to this, Lisa was a Lecturer in Public Leadership & Diversity and Academic Coordinator of the Pathway to Politics Program for Women at the University of Melbourne, part of a national non-partisan initiative changing the face of politics with electoral successes across all levels of government. Her previous roles include Principal Research & Policy Advisor (ANZSOG) and a Postdoctoral Fellow at UNSW Canberra.

Lisa’s work across research, teaching and advocacy revolves around inequity and how to bring about and inspire social change. Her research focuses on connecting theory and practice with a focus on foregrounding marginalised perspectives and crosses boundaries of political science, feminist and gender studies, international relations, public administration and management, policy analysis, institutionalist theory, impact studies, and sociology among others. She has published in top tier journals, co-edited two special issues on impact, numerous media pieces and consults directly with government and non-government organisations.


With over 10 years experience in teaching, her approach revolves around instilling intellectual curiosity and inspiring change by translating complex ideas and practices for different audiences, creating safe learning spaces, advancing critical thinking skills, focusing on questions of ‘why does this matter?’, and embedding reflection and lifelong learning.


Her advocacy and activism focus on connecting local, national and international levels for change most notably as the past voluntarily co-ordinator of the Young Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (2016-2022) nominated for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, and an active member of the Australian Civil Society Coalition on Women, Peace & Security


Lisa holds a PhD and Masters in International Relations from the University of Melbourne, First Class Honours from RMIT, and a Bachelor of Arts in politics and psychology from the University of Melbourne. Lisa grew up on the lands of the Yorta Yorta people in regional Victoria and works on the lands of the Yuin people.

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