Dr Ljubomir Pupovac

Dr Ljubomir Pupovac

Business School
School of Marketing

Ljubomir Pupovac is a lecturer in Marketing at University of New South Wales, where he teaches Marketing Research and Marketing Analytics at the undergraduate level. He received his PhD in Business Administration from University of Technology, Sydney in 2019, with a thesis entitled “Can Recalls Be Painless? Impact of Product Recalls on the Recalling Firm and its Suppliers: New Findings from the Automotive Industry.” This effort earned a doctoral award from the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM). To build on this early success, Ljubomir has pursued two main directions in his recent research. By studying crisis management, he seeks to determine how managers might mitigate the negative effects of a crisis on firm performance, as well as identify the impacts of crises on related firms (e.g., suppliers). In addition, in research into B2B marketing, Ljubomir tries to specify optimal customer portfolios for B2B firms by considering appropriate levels of customer concentration (a few large or many small customers?), the impact of customer reputations on a supplier firm’s own performance, and how other customer characteristics might determine suppliers' performance.

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