Dr Manoji Gunathilake

Dr Manoji Gunathilake

Adjunct Senior Lecturer


Medicine & Health
The Kirby Institute

Dr Manoji Gunathilake currently works as the specialist Sexual Health Physician at the Sexual Health & Blood Borne Virus Unit of Centre for Disease Control, NT Department of Health. Manoji completed her undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Sri Lanka. She has been working in Australia in the field of Sexual Health Medicine since 2012.

Society Memberships & Professional Activities: Fellow, Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine, RACP; Member Australasian Society of Sexual Health Medicine.

+61 (8) 8999 2678
Northern Territory
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Research interests include STIs in Indigenous people living in rural and remote settings, human papilloma virus infections, syphilis, stigma and discrimination related to HIV, antimicrobial resistance, rapid testing for STIs.