Associate Professor Marion Burgess
Honorary Associate Professor

Associate Professor Marion Burgess

Arts,Design & Architecture
School of Built Environment


After completing a degree in physics, Marion Burgess commenced working in acoustics in an Australian building research laboratory. Since then she has had over 50 years broad experience in many aspects of acoustics including building, environmental and occupational noise measurement, assessments, control and research.  Although retired she continues research, teaching and consulting projects in her role as Honorary Associate Professor.  She  collaboraties with colleagues at the Kensington campus in the School of Architecture and the School of Aviation and at the Canberra campus in the School of Engineering and Information Technology.

She was awarded the Order of Australia for her contributions to understanding of environmental noise and for her work in the International domain.    She is an active member of the Australian Acoustical Society. Until 2021 she has been   the chief editor of its Journal Acoustics Australia and was responsible for steering the journal from a society publication to a journal published by Springer .  She regularly participates in international conferences and has been involved in senior management of such organisations.  In 2022 she is the immediate Past President of the International Commission for Acoustics and the co-organiser of the International Year of Sound 2020-2021.  She is the Past President of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering. She was the Chair of the International Congress in Acoustics held in Sydney in 2010 and is the international liaison member of the organising committee for the joint ASA/AAS/Wespac/Pruac conference to be held in Sydney in 2023.  She is a  member of a number of relevant Standards Australia committees. 

In addition to research projects she has gained experience with providing specialist advise and working with a team of engineers on major projects for  a range of government and non-government organisations. She continues to provide training courses to those within the Department of Defence with the responsibility to undertake workplace noise assessments.

0402 240009
Building 17, UNSW Canberra campus Building K15 H13 Kensington campus
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