Mr Mark Sullivan
Honorary Professor

Mr Mark Sullivan

Medicine & Health
The Kirby Institute
  • Journal articles | 2006
    De Rose R; Sullivan MT; Dale CJ; Kelleher AD; Emery S; Cooper DA; Ramshaw I; Boyle D; Kent SJ, 2006, 'Dose-response relationship of DNA and recombinant fowlpox virus prime-boost HIV vaccines.', Human Vaccines, 2, pp. 134 - 136
    Journal articles | 2005
    De Rose R; Chea S; Dale C; Reece J; Fernandez C; Wilson K; Thomson S; Ramshaw I; Coupar B; Boyle D; Sullivan MT; Kent S, 2005, 'Subtype AE HIV-1 DNA and recombinant Fowlpoxvirus vaccines encoding five shared HIV-1 genes: safety and T cell immunogenicity in macaques', Vaccine, 23, pp. 1949 - 1956,