Headshot of Melinda Wimborne

Melinda Wimborne

Makerspace Network Manager

Melinda is an experienced maker and designer across many disciplines ranging from artisan to digital. She ran the Architecture Works at The University of Sydney for over five years and taught Design. Before this, she worked on the shop floor as a master cabinet maker for over two decades and has degrees in both Art & Design and Architecture.  

While at The University of Sydney, she overhauled the fabrication workshops to be in line with industry expectations, introducing digital fabricating equipment such as CNCs, 3D printers and laser cutters. 

Melinda originally joined UNSW to establish the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre’s Makerspace and has been building and developing a network of connected workshops and maker spaces across UNSW ever since. 

Her wide-ranging fabrication experience, and passion for making, has seen UNSW Engineering become a national leader in student-facing workshops and project-based learning.