Dr Michael Cardamone

Dr Michael Cardamone

Conjoint Senior Lecturer


Medicine & Health
School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Michael Cardamone is a Conjoint Senior Lecturer at UNSW Medicine School of Women’s and Children’s Health.

Dr Cardamone is also a Senior staff specialist and Paediatric neurologist at the Department of Neurology at Sydney Children’s Hospital Network in Randwick.

Dr Cardamone is currently the lead clinician of the ketogenic diet service and he is also administrative head of the video EEG/telemetry unit of SCH in addition to running epilepsy and general neurology clinics at the hospital.

He is one of the local examiners at SCH for the RACP clinical examinations for Paediatrics and Child Health.  

During his epilepsy fellowship at SCH, he studied the use of mTOR inhibitors such as rapamycin for the use of epilepsy in children with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.

He was the Uncle Bob’s Neurology Fellow at RCH in Melbourne where he conducted research on Arterial Ischaemic stroke in children with cardiac disease. He then continued his training in Neurology at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne gaining experience in MS, epilepsy, stroke medicine and general neurology.  He then spent a year at the Murdoch at RCH Melbourne where he was the metabolic fellow treating children with neurometabolic disorders.  

02 9382 1847
Sydney Children's Hospital High Street Randwick NSW 2013
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    Conference Papers | 1993

Currently involved in clinical trials of novel agents to treat medically resistant epilepsy in children.

Collaborating with researchers at CHW (Dr Wendy Gold) in the development of novel gene therapy techniques for WWOX related epileptic encephalopathy

Developing clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of epileptic seizures in infants and children

Collaborating with Westmead Hospital to determine the efficacy and safety of dietary therapies for adolescents and adults with genetic epilepsies.  

My Research Supervision

Masters by research : the application of source localisation methods for detecting the epileptogenic source in children with intractable focal epilepsy

PhD : The efficacy and safety of ketogenic diets in adolescents and adults with genetic epilepsies.