Dr Mohammad Islam
Senior Research Fellow (UNSW)

Dr Mohammad Islam

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Mohammad S Islam completed his PhD in Materials and Process Engineering from the University of Waikato, New Zealand. He held Research Fellow positions at the University of Sydney in Australia, at the University of Minho in Portugal, at CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering in Australia and Materials Scientist position in Pultron Composites, New Zealand. Dr Islam is an Associate Editor of Journal of Modern Polymer Chemistry and Materials. He is also editorial board member of three journals: Composite Materials of Science Publishing Group, Engineering: Current Trends and Advanced Materials Science and Engineering. He has also joined the Editorial Board of "Coatings" as a Topic Editor.

His research focuses on toughening of composite materials for cryogenic fuel tank applications, development of FRP prepreg materials, development of properties of composites manufactured using automated fibre placement method, development of fire-retardant materials and their applications, synthesis of nano-materials and their multifunctional applications, designing and developing materials testing methods,  fracture mechanics of materials and developing coating and lining materials for oil and gas infrastructures.


Level 3, Building J17, Library Road Kensington, NSW 2052
  • Conference Abstracts | 2022
    Islam M; Chang W; Pearce G; Djukic L; Benninger L; Wang C, 2022, 'Multiscale composites for cryogenic liquid hydrogen fuel tank', in PACIFIC POLYMER CONFERENCE (PPC17) 2022, Brisbane, Australia, presented at PACIFIC POLYMER CONFERENCE (PPC17) 2022, Brisbane, Australia, 11 December 2022 - 14 December 2022

Chun H Wang, Mohammad S Islam, Liyong Tong, Microcrack suppression in lightweight and recyclable thermoplastic-fibre composites for cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage tank -NSW Space Research Network (SRN) Research Pilot Project, RG220491, 2022

Chun H. Wang, Mohammad S. Islam, Garth Pearce, Manufacture and commercialisation of composite tanks for the hydrogen and space transport markets - Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Commercialisation Fund Shared Grant, RG211547, 2021

Chun H. Wang, Mohammad S. Islam, Garth Pearce, Suppression of microcracking in composite tank for cryogenic liquid hydrogen, RG204448, 2020

Chun H. Wang, Mohammad S. Islam, Garth Pearce, Suppression of microcracking in composite tank for cryogenic liquid hydrogen, RG192377, 2019

Liyong Tong and Mohammad S Islam, Environmental aging effect on the durability of fibre-reinforced polymer composite materials for aircraft structures, Defence Science and Technology Group, 2017

  •       Foundation for Science and Technology Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award, Portugal (2011-2013) 
  •       New Zealand Post Graduate Study Abroad Award (NZPSAA) (2007)
  •       Department of Engineering Scholarship, The University of Waikato (2007)
  •       The University of Waikato Scholarship (2007)
  •       Technology for Industry Fellowship (TIF) Scholarship, New Zealand (2004-2007)
  •       Departmental Scholarship of Materials and Process Engineering, New Zealand (2004-2005)

My Research Supervision

  • Mr Othman Abu Laban (PhD candidate): Novel composite structures for composite cryotanks



My Teaching

Composite Cryotanks - Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)

MMAN3400 Mechanics of Solids 2