Mr Moonyong Kim
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mr Moonyong Kim

Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

Moonyong Kim is a postdoctoral fellow in the school of photovoltaics and renewable energy engineering. He received his honours degree in solar energy and photovoltaics from UNSW. He did his PhD in "Understanding the mechanisms of light-induced degradation in crystalline silicon". After his PhD, his major research interest is now on material sustainability for TW scale production of PV.

  • Journal articles | 2020
    Park J; Yoo H; Karade V; Gour KS; Choi E; Kim M; Hao X; Shin SJ; Kim J; Shim H; Kim D; Kim JH; Yun J; Kim JH, 2020, 'Investigation of low intensity light performances of kesterite CZTSe, CZTSSe, and CZTS thin film solar cells for indoor applications', Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 8, pp. 14538 - 14544,
  • Conference Papers | 2018
    Kim M; Chen D; Abbott M; Wenham S; Hallam B, 2018, 'Role of hydrogen: Formation and passivation of meta-stable defects due to hydrogen in silicon', in AIP Conference Proceedings, pp. 130010 - 130010,
    Conference Papers | 2015
    Hallam BJ; Hamer PG; Wang S; Song L; Nampalli N; Abbott MD; Chan CE; Lu D; Wenham AM; Mai L; Borojevic N; Li A; Chen D; Kim MY; Azmi A; Wenham S, 2015, 'Advanced Hydrogenation of Dislocation Clusters and Boron-oxygen Defects in Silicon Solar Cells', in Energy Procedia, pp. 799 - 809,
    Conference Papers | 2015
    Lu PHD; Hallam B; Chan C; Wenham A; Abbott M; Chen D; Kim MY; Mai L; Wang S; Borojevic N; Chong CM; Wenham S, 2015, '19.1 % laser-doped selective emitter P-type multi-crystalline UMG silicon solar cell', in 2015 IEEE 42nd Photovoltaic Specialist Conference, PVSC 2015,

Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaic (ACAP) fellowship (2020 - )


Best Oral Presentation Award at Global Photovoltaic Conference (GPVC), 2019

Best Oral Presentation Award at the Korean Solar Energy Society (KSES) Autumn Conference, 2019

Nominated for the finalist to the Best Student Award at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC), 2019

Wal Read Memorial Prize at the Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference (APSRC), 2018

Other prizes

Postgraduate Council (PGC) research student award 2020

1st Prize Winner on UNSW Ideathon 2016

1st Prize Winner on Interchange Program 2015

Material sustainability assessment for TW scale PV production

Material consumption reduction for PV system

Emissions in PV production

Recycling in PV