Alex Ong

Alex Ong

Technical Systems Architect
BComm/BSc (Accounting/Computer Science)
Arts, Design & Architecture
iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research

Alex Ong is a Technical Systems Architect at iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research. His programming encompasses multiple Computer Science fields, including Graphics, Networking, Concurrency, Databases, Human-computer interaction, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. He is also experienced in projection design for multi-projector installations.


AVIE - Maintenance

Deluge - Programmer

Domelab - GUI, control software, maintenance, install

FlowFields - Project Manager

iData - Programmer, UI, Database, AI

iBauprobe - Lead Programmer

Leibniz - Programmer

Lenz - Programmer

mArchive - Programmer, UI

Miasma - Programmer

Nebula - Programmer

Pureland - Install / maintenance

Retrospect - Programmer

Tampa - Programmer, Installation

T_Visionarium III (third iteration) - Lead programmer

Virtual Field Trips - Lead Programmer

Vogesen - Programmer, installation

Making the Invisible, Visible - Programmer for AVIE system